At BaiTay, we are dedicated to creating unique textiles for your home, designed to enrich your everyday life and promote a slow lifestyle.

Our products are not only functional but also design pieces that bring beauty and art to every corner of your home. We specialize in textiles that invite you to enjoy each moment, live calmly, and surround yourself with objects that tell a story.

Each of our pieces is designed by talented artists from Latin America, who bring their vision and creativity to limited collections. This means that every textile you purchase is truly unique, an exclusive work of art that you won’t find anywhere else.

By choosing BaiTay, you are supporting local artists and bringing a piece of their art and culture into your home.

Discover how our textiles can transform your space and enrich your daily life. With BaiTay, every day is an opportunity to enjoy tranquility, beauty, and exclusive design.
Welcome to a lifestyle where art and calm meet!

The BaiTay the art of happy living